Monday, December 1, 2014

El Luchador Tequila

INSPIRED BY THE FAMED MASKED WRESTLERS OF MEXICO, tequilero David Ravandi has created El Luchador, a unique, artisanal portfolio of outstanding tequila expressions: Still Strength Blanco, Blanco, Reposado and Anejo.

Since his entrĂ©e into the artisanal tequila business in the mid-1990s, Ravandi has ushered several brands to international success. His El Luchador portfolio was inspired by the instantly recognizable-masks and the acrobatic showmanship of Mexico’s colorful lucha libre wrestlers. The connection between tequila and lucha libre - two of Mexico’s most treasured cultural institutions – represents a long-standing tradition, one that inspired El Luchador.

These extraordinary tequilas began their agave to glass-journey at 6,500 ft. in the highlands of Los Altos where blue agaves flourish in the iron-rich soils of our estates.  Here, El Luchador is distilled using artisanal methods and produced and packaged with the utmost respect for the environment. Our Reposado and Anjeo aged expressions rest in French white oak barrels that once held the coveted white wines of Puligny Montrachet.

El Luchador Blanco opens with notes of fresh agave and delivers bright citrus flavors with a saline finish. This 100 percent Blue Agave spirit is favored by mixologists as a foundation for building authentic cocktails and for enjoying as a fine sipping tequila. 

The addition of a distill-proof Blanco tequila, a 110-proof spirit ideally suited as a foundation for building authentic cocktails and for enjoying as an agave digestif, elevates the El Luchador portfolio. This high proof Blanco is robust and complex with notes of fresh agave, bright citrus a slightly smoky saline finish.

Roasted agave, bright citrus and vanilla are the hallmarks of El Luchador Reposado which is the second stage of El Luchador’s evolution and where it gains complexity and finesse from aging for four to six months in white oak barrels.

We’ll release our Anejo which spends a total of fourteen to sixteen months resting in white oak barrels in 2022. That additional time in French white oak adds increasing layers of complexity with notes of deeply roasted agave, caramelized citrus and dark vanilla.  A release of an El Luchador Extra Anejo is scheduled within the next three years.

Like the unique traditions of the luchador, our tequilas are a unique expression created with the tequila connoisseur in mind.

 El Luchador...the proof is in the glass.